Brace Yourselfs: Winter is Coming!

Winter is Coming Winter is coming. For us in Europe at least. The wether is getting more and more harsh, the roads gets icy and suicide rates are going up. Brace yourselfs.    Some people actually like winter Yes, it’s hard to believe but it’s true: not all of us share this hate for this cold and depressing season. There are even people in Alaska, Greenland and Canada that face this cold daily. Idiots. The only reason I’d understand you don’t hate winter as much as I do is if you’re terrified by bugs. And hate the sun. And are a vampire. Who’s a goth. How are we managing? I for one started drinking. It’s bad, I know, but it’s[…]


3 Offices that you’d love to work in

The word ‘offices’ makes people think of dull, large borings and cheap coffee. But it doesn’t have to be like that! These three companies have made their office-spaces amazing to work in. Think excellent working conditions, amazing graffiti-art and cool entrances. 1. Facebook The original Facebook office looked like this: Notice that awesome graffiti on the walls? Yeah, that was done by famous artists David Choe. Zuckerberg (Facebook’s CEO) invited Choe to make some murials in exchange for either money or stock in Facebook. Choe chose the latter, and famously made $200mil by doing so (full story). Since this, more and more companies are choosing to inspire their employees with graffiti (examples). The current office of Facebook is even more badass:[…]

Snoop Dog Weed

Celebrities & Drugs

A lot of celebrities do drugs; that’s a fact. Throughout the years we’ve seen many of them break down because of drug use. We’re not going to name any names (don’t worry, we’re not turning into TMZ), but we would like to take a look at these 3 celebrities that succesfully manage it.    1. Snoop Dogg I don’t think anyone is surprised to see Snoop Dogg on this list. The rapper has been making music for a long time, has been very successful for a long time and doesn’t make his marijuana-use a secret (in fact, he’s even been advocating it). Nobody really knows how much weed Snoop Dogg actually smokes, but I think it’s fair to assume it’s over 3 grams a[…]