The Truth about the Friend zone

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“Are you in the zone?”

If you have been anywhere on the internet in the past year, you have probably witnessed the resurgence of the term friend zone into not only popular use, but popular derision. Why is that and what does it mean for guys looking for the top married dating site online? Well, the fact of the matter is being familiar not just with the term, but how women respond to it is going to help you not only anticipate how women frequently react to this term, but also where they might be coming from. As often as we prefer the refrain of not being like other guys and trying to highlight our good character, looks, and charm, the fact of the matter is we are not only competing with every man she has ever met, but that in most cases she is going to err on the side of caution and assume the worst until we prove our best.

What’s in a Name?

“We could laugh all day on this friend zone concept”

The term itself often brings up defensive urges and negative connotations from both sides. For us, it is typically a reminder of when we failed to get the response we want from someone that caught our eye. For women, however, it’s usually a distasteful reminder of everything they hate about the dating world. Friend zoning implies that we made the attempt to be nice in hopes of getting a romantic relationship with someone, but in the end, she was only interested in being friends. To her, however, it means that we pretended to be her friend when all we really wanted was to get in her pants. The truth, we’ve found, lies somewhere between the two.

Since the advent of sites like, it has become increasingly difficult to apply this term outside of our face to face interactions with people. Obviously, if we’re meeting someone we found on the top married dating site, they aren’t going to mistake our interest as anything other than at least romantic if not sexual in nature. When it comes to the real world, however, that just frequently isn’t the case. Often this is because of how we feel we have to approach womenin order to get a chance at all. It’s a common myth that flirting and flattering her ruin our chances of ever getting with her romantically and that becoming her friend first is either required or increases our chances at all. The difference lies in the approach.

Announcing Your Intentions

“Let her know about your intentions from the start”

The biggest point of debate is not whether she has the option of turning down our advances – obviously it is always up to her who she dates and sleeps with – but rather how the option of a romantic or sexual relationship is brought up. That is while men and women can have a friendship that develops into something more, entering into a friendship just to have a chance at something more is a really dumb and ultimately unfair thing to do, both to her and for you. One the one hand, you are putting all your eggs in one basket without knowing if it is going to get you anywhere, and setting you up for massive disappointment when it doesn’t work out. In her case, if you don’t approach having a relationship with her with clear intent for that to be romantic or sexual in nature, she is going to assume you actually want to be “just friends” and react accordingly. In either case, you are both setting yourself up for failure and probably ruining any friendship you built in the meantime.

The key here is broadcasting your interest from the get go. If you didn’t meet her on you can’t assume that she is or is not interested in hooking up until you ask. If you did meet her from the site, then make sure it isn’t a scam. Read JustHookup Review: Read and Find Out if This Site Is a Scam. When it comes to affair dating, you don’t want to take a chance. Now, it is imperative that you announce your intentions from the start. You must make a statement or compliment her to show your interest. Sometimes just complimenting her with some charm and asking her out is the best thing you can do. If she turns you down, she’s saved you the time and effort you may have otherwise put into convincing her what an awesome guy you are and how well you get along prior to asking and being shut down a month or so later. If, however, you legitimately just think she is cool or interesting to be around, and still want to be friends, she will typically still be open to that option, so long as you don’t later use it as an excuse to ask her out. Once she turns you down, the ball is in her court, so let her decide if she is going to change her mind and drop it.

On the other hand, greeting her from the get go with clear intentions can turn out better for you anyway. She may just agree to a date or going out for drinks to get to know you. Chances are, she is going to appreciate the honesty in the approach a whole lot more than feeling betrayed when turning you down later results in a fit and a broken friendship. Remember that you are setting the stage for your interactions with her. If you approach her as a friend, she is going to accept you as a friend. If you approach her romantically, she will accept or decline as she prefers, but you might still have the option to be friends. In one case, she has the choice and in the other she feels betrayed and tricked out of it.

As Much as You Hate it, She Hates it More

“Nobody likes to be in the zone”

Always remember that you can’t meet everyone in life by looking them up on the top married dating site and going from there. It’s all in how you approach the situation and frame the initial relationship. Passing off getting her comfortable with you as a friendship alone and then getting upset with her when she turns you down for something more doesn’t just affect the time, effort and money you may have put into something that didn’t give you the desired results. She also comes away with further evidence that she can’t just be friends with guys and to be even more suspicious of anyone trying to be nice and chat her up regardless of the location or situation.

Basically, the more you subscribe to the friend method of approaching a woman for an eventually romantic or sexual relationship, the more difficult you make this situation for yourself and others down the road. The best advice we can give is just don’t be that guy. Not only are you making everything worse for everyone involved, but you are treating someone you liked enough to want to get with like some sort of machine that input time and money and expect sex to come out. That’s not how relationships work. If you want to be with her you have to have that want as a person to a person, not as a person to a source of pleasure. So avoiding the friendzone becomes a simple practice of not being a jerk. Approach her with the relationship you want and accept a denial for what it is. Move in to the woman who actually wants to be around you and not only will she be happier, but so will you.

March 9, 2015

The Most Common Reasons Your Hookup Will End

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“If the spark is gone, there is no point in continuing it”

It’s important to understand why most hookups end up ending so that you can avoid having it happening to you. While hookups usually are very fleeting things, it’s always good to have a little black book of possible future dates, and that means that you need to stay on good terms with the ladies that you’re seeing. You want to avoid looking at new adult dating website reviews and finding new dates as much as possible–that cuts down on your time for sex, after all–so take the time to realize what ends hookups more often than not, and make sure that you aren’t doing that the next time you meet up for sex in Oshawa.

Lack of Communication

“Start communicating more”

You want a certain kind of sex, but you forgot to mention it to her. You forgot to ask where you were going to meet up, and you were late. You’d be surprised how these little things can really set a woman off, and that’s why it’s so important for you to always to remember to iron out these details before you actually decide to meet up with her. You really don’t want to disappoint her on something so small and so simple, and that’s why you should always go out of your way to communicate.

Lack of communication is the killer of relationships everywhere, and that’s a simple and blunt fact. You see it all the time on adult dating website reviews; the women that people are trying to hook up with simply don’t talk, their hookup forgot to mention that he was into a certain kind of kink, etc. It’s always the same sort of thing, and that’s why it’s such a common killer of hookups. Considering that you don’t want that to happen to you, you obviously have to understand how important it is for you to chat her up about these kinds of things.

The problem is that there is definitely such thing as too much communication. You don’t want to spill your guts to her about every single part of your life, so make sure that you pick and choose the information that’s actually pertinent to the hookup that you’re having at the moment. By doing this, you’ll end up having a much successful hookup overall, and you’ll actually be communicating in a way that really makes her happy as well. You can get more communication tips on some good dating sites. To learn more about good dating sites, read our comparison guide at, don’t forget to read the Canadian adult dating site reviews as well.

Complaining Too Much

“Stop complaining”

This is the opposite of not enough communication. There are just certain things that you need to keep your mouth shut about when you’re meeting your girl in Oshawa, so make sure that you don’t spill too much about your day to day life whenever you’re hooking up for sex. It’s really going to turn her off, and this is, sadly, something that a lot of guys seem to forget whenever they’re meeting up with their hookups. These women are meeting you for sex, not to be your therapist.

While it might be exciting to finally have someone to chat about your day to day life with, you really need to step back and understand that it’s just not going to do you any favors in your hookups. The woman you’re meeting doesn’t care about you on that level, and seriously–these relationships are best reserved for your girlfriend, which, remember, you don’t exactly want to have.

If you find yourself trying to have these kinds of connections in your hookups, then you really need to step back and consider if you really want to keep having hookups, or if you want a girlfriend. If you continue to treat your hookups as if they’re possible girlfriends, you’re going to end up not having a little black book at all. This sort of thing really irritates women that are into hookups, because they want low-stress and low-drama sex dating, not a guy that’s going to cry onto their shoulder every single time that they meet up.

Finances in General

“Don’t spend too much on her”

If you start off by spoiling her, she’s going to start expecting it every single time that you end up hooking up with her. This is an unrealistic expectation that you really need to keep away from your hookups, so it’s best if you never expose her to way too much of the gift-giving or expensive restaurant exposure. You can still be classy without spending a ton of money on her to keep her around, and that’s something that a lot of guys end up forgetting.

You see this kind of thing all the time on adult dating website reviews. There are a ton of women that complain about guys not treating them right when it comes to money, and it’s sadly the reason that a ton of hookups fail. If you start off with the expectation that you’re going to go Dutch, or that it’s a trade-off when it comes to paying for food and lodging, then you two will end up having a much more successful hookup than most people. You’ll also be a lot less stressed, and trust us, that’s worth its weight in gold.

This is also important to remember if you aren’t the wealthiest guy out there. You should never lie too much about your financial status, because you’re really going to end up regretting it if you do. You’ll just end up setting expectations that are way too high, and that means that she’s going to find out sooner rather than later. The last thing you want to do is be caught in a lie when it comes to your hookups, so just keep it simple, and keep it all to something that you can personally back up.

Lies, Lies, Lies

“Don’t lie about everything – she will stop trusting you”

If you lie too much about a ton of unimportant things, that’s just going to make your hookup start to be annoyed and stressed out. This means that she’s really not going to answer your e-mails or calls as often, and that means that you’re going to be high and dry a new until you find another woman that wants to see you.

The thing about lies is that they’re okay in moderation, but when you start lying all the time, she’s going to start wondering what else you’re lying about. That’s going to end up being a relationship that’s way too stressful to her, and that means that she’s just going to bail and find a man that can be way more open with her in general. You should always keep your lying to a minimum unless you’re sure that she’s never going to find out…but trust us, she will eventually find out if she’s around you often enough.

There are a ton of other things that will break up your hookup, but these are the most common issues that we’ve seen for sure. If you can avoid having these particular things happen, then you’ll stand a much better chance of keeping your hookup alive and thriving, and you’ll end up having the time of your life that you’ve been desiring for your sex life. It’s all a matter of communication for the most part, and that means that you just need to keep chatting her up, and really making sure that you’re both happy.

December 14, 2014

First Date Don’ts – How Not to Ruin the Evening

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“Don’t spoil her mood”

The world of dating can be confusing, difficult, and just plain hard to figure out. There are so many rules that go unsaid and traditions that go unspoken. There are secret meanings to practically everything you do and, as a guy, it can be exponentially hard to decipher. We’re not used to reading into things and picking apart how a word was said or a sentence was structured. These are things that women do on a daily basis and it seems to give them the upper hand in the dating game. They know what the codes mean and how to use them. While we may not understand what they’re trying to convey with subtle signals and gestures, we can begin to learn about them and use that knowledge to our advantage. If we can gain an understanding of how they think, even a little bit, we can start to ensure that we’re sending the right signals. This gives us just a tiny bit of control, but it’s a good way to start to feel more in charge of our own dating lives. Take a look at our personals test and read our online dating site review to learn more about dating. Read our Canadian personals website reviews to score in Canada.

“Pay attention to her”

One of the first rules you should learn relates to making first impressions. As a logical thinker, you may assume that you have only one first impression to make. You would be wrong. Depending on how you meet, you can have as many as six different first impressions. That may seem a little counter intuitive, but it’s true. If you use online dating to meet up with some local Saskatoon tail, you might fall into this category. More and more people are starting to search for the ratings of dating sites with personals so that they can meet someone. It’s less traditional, sure, but it is growing in popularity at a quicker rate than you could imagine. It’s easier to find someone who shares your interests and is looking for the same kind of relationship that you are if you start looking online. At least that’s what the people putting out personals on online dating sites are saying in their comments when they begin rating the sites and how well they work. Anyway, if you’re meeting someone online you have more first impressions than you could know what to do with. Your profile gives off a first impression. Your first message gives off a first impression. The first time you IM, the first time you text, the first time you talk on the phone and, of course, the first time you actually meet in person. All of these have their own “first impression” even if that seems ridiculous. Just remember to put your best foot forward each time there’s a “first” involved and you should be alright. But let’s say you make it past all but one of the firsts and you’re ready for your first date. This one is universal, regardless of how you meet initially, and it will leave the biggest impact of any first impression.

Things to Remember

“Act like a gentleman”

Most first date things are common sense, but there are some things, that when our nerves take over, we completely forget about until we’ve dropped her off and are on our way home. A good general rule of thumb with first dates is to be on your best behavior. You don’t want to be so well behaved that you’re not yourself anymore, but you don’t want to let it all hang out right away. Try not to burp, fart, or do anything else gross in front of her. Save that for the third date. If you want to do more than avoid making a bad impression, you want to try and do the things that your mom always tried to make you learn. You should open the door for her, offer her your coat if it’s chilly, and take her hand to help her out of your car. If you can’t remember anything else to do, pop in a chick flick and look for anything that makes the move go into slow motion or makes the music get super sappy and loud. Those are big indicators that what’s happening is seen as romantic and you can use that to make a good impression. Another thing to remember is that each girl is different and will be impressed by a different kind of first date. If you’re one of those people who found a girl on a dating site by looking at match ratings based on your personals, she might very well have listed in her profile what her ideal first date is. Use that to your advantage. If she didn’t happen to divulge that information, you can simply ask her. Maybe she has a favorite place to go in Saskatoon that would be just perfect for your first date. By asking, you will seem caring and sweet because you want to make sure that she has a good time. Don’t seem wishy washy, however, don’t make her plan it; just ask her if she has any input. When all else fails, look for a fun activity to do together like bowling or skating. This gives you something to do when conversation lags but it also leaves room for your connection to happen.

The Biggest Don’ts of All

“Don’t bring your Ex into the conversation”

As far as things to avoid for a first date, the list is really dependent on your situation, but there are some basic rules to follow. You do not want to meet anyone’s parents or family. Unless you already know them, that’s something way too personal for a first date. Plus, families aren’t sexy. If you want anything fun to happen at the end of the night, families are not a turn on. There are, of course, other people you should avoid. You shouldn’t talk about ex-girlfriends or girls that are friends. While there may genuinely be nothing happening there, if you spend the whole night talking about someone else, she’s going to wonder why you’re on a date with her at all. You should be focusing on getting to know one another, not regaling her with stories of other important women in your life. You also shouldn’t spend the whole night talking about your mother. Again, families just aren’t sexy. There are also general topics of conversation that you should avoid. You don’t want to talk about hot button, controversial issues. That means don’t talk about rape, abortion, religion, politics, or any other big news story that could send you two to polar opposite sides of any issue. Except for special circumstances, you should also avoid other people that either of you know. While this may not be a huge ‘NO’, it doesn’t really allow the two of you time to connect. Why go out with someone if you’re not hoping to connect with them. You could go on a double date with two of your friends, but that means she’s likely to feel like a third wheel the whole night. It’s best to save group or double dates for a little later on in the relationship when it’s actually worth introducing her to your friends. All in all, the most important things to remember are to behave and to be sweet. If you pay attention to her and throw in some romantic comedy leading man moves, you’re practically guaranteed a second date. Who knows, you might even get a little bonus at the end of your first date.

November 23, 2014

Protect Your BDSM Community

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“You must protect your BDSM community”

BDSM dating can be confusing for beginners; how can you tell what’s best for you, what sites are reputable sources of information, how far is too far? There can be a lot of questions and not a lot of answers out there. We have compiled the top sites for you. Check Dating Site Reviews – Find The Best BDSM Sites Available, based on the reviews, you can make a choice. You should be wary, as well, that sometimes those answers are just not true. A new trend in the BDSM world is forming and it’s horrifying. Yes, BDSM participants like to play with pain, humiliation, and punishment, but that doesn’t mean they like to be abused. Recently, with the surging popularity of BDSM dating sites, predators have found a whole new pool of victims and they are doing their best to cause as much damage as possible.

This certainly isn’t a new idea. Cruel men and women have been preying on beginner submissives in BDSM communities for a long time. It used to be, however, that if anyone in the community heard about it, they had some power over putting an end to it. Communities we tight knit and small, and didn’t put up with abusers in their ranks. If they heard that one of their own was preying upon uneducated fresh meat they went wild. Not only is it appalling to victimize someone (without their permission) but they were doing more than that. There were breaking the trust of the community, the safety of the community, and helping to add to the bad rep BDSM already has.

With the advent of the datingsite (and BDSM lovers, not to be bested, jumped right onto that train) these predators have found it easier than ever to lure unsuspecting, nervous victims into their clutches. Does this mean that BDSM dating sites are dangerous and should be avoided? Of course not, but it does mean that you have to be on the lookout for warning signs that the person you’re talking with does not have your best interests at heart.

Is Your Dominant Good For You?

“Your dominant should what he/she is doing”

What are the warning signs? Some huge red flags can fly up right from the start. When you’re reviewing someone’s profile, you want to really look at what they’re saying. If they spend the entire body of their page talking in a derogatory manner about their partners, either past or present, you should move on. The BDSM bond is one built out of mutual respect and trust and a good Dom or Domme is not going to belittle their partner outside of their scenes, especially not if they haven’t established that as a fetish to be added to their bag of tricks. You should also be wary of Doms who are only interested in beginners. Are there some tops that get off on teaching a new person their limits and guiding them through the first part of their journey? Yes, of course, being the provider of knowledge is a huge amount of power and control, why do you think there are so fantasies where a teacher abuses their power over a student? But, along with the teachers, there are some folks that are simply looking for inexperience as a means to take advantage of someone.

“Feeling sexual powerless is what some subs crave for”

There seems to be this belief that submissives like being told what to do and that’s what turns them on. While that’s not necessarily untrue, it’s also not what being a sub is about. Submitting is about so much more than following orders. There is something inside a sub that makes them long for punishment or humiliation. Something in them likes to feel like they are not in control of their lives, but that can be severely limited by other aspects of their sexuality. Some subs, for example, do not like to feel sexually powerless, while others do. Some subs do not like to be ordered around, they like to be talked down to and humiliated, while others are exactly the opposite.

The problem with the basic perception of subs is that the men or women preying on them don’t see it as predatory behavior. They don’t think they’re doing anything wrong. To them, ordering a sub to perform sexual acts is fine because subs like being bossed around. The problem here is that they are taking advantage. There is no bond being built and there is certainly no trust to be established if one person is taking advantage of a situation with no concern for the other person. Too often, in situations like this, if the sub voices her concern or discomfort, as she should be comfortable doing, it can lead to violence or even rape.

“Try to be a part of the community”

When an outsider abuses the naivety of someone new to the community, it is devastating. Not only may that person never again try to experience something that could have been so liberating for them, they may spread the fear that’s already rampant in mainstream culture of the BDSM lifestyle. In cases of rape, the effects of that one night can take away part of that person’s very being. It is sickening to think of anyone taking advantage of someone in that way. It’s worse to think that the victim was so trusting and was trying something that was quite possibly scary for them in order to find more satisfaction in their own life.

When our communities were smaller and tighter, there was a little more ability to protect those new to the life. There were ways of punishing the abuser and make sure that their face and name were plastered all around with warnings to stay away. We could take the new subs and Doms under our wings and teach them the ways of the BDSM world. With the Internet, our communities, if they exist at all, are pale specters of what they once were. There maybe be a group that is spread over a large part of the country or even the world. There are also less immediate ways to chastise a person for their misconduct.

Regardless of the difficulties, it is our job as a community to look out for one another. If you notice a profile that, when reviewed, seems sketchy, speak up. Most sites, whether they’re forums, dating sites, or chat rooms, have some kind of monitoring system. Let someone know that you suspect something is off with that individual and keep your eyes peeled for proof. If you hear of or, god forbid, experience an act of abuse, report it. Do not let the unspoken stories of pain and suffering build up or stay hidden. If you see someone who you think might be abusing their power, try to educate them. They could be one of the fools who simply don’t understand the lifestyle or what it means to be a part of it. If that’s the case and you can show them the error of their ways, you may save someone from being unintentionally abused by them. Either way, we have to protect our communities, no matter how small or big they are. Our lifestyle is precious to us; that’s why we sought it out and why we stick with it. Don’t let the cruel or uneducated ruin it for you or anyone you know. Don’t let them take away the satisfaction that someone else is seeking in their life. Our world is worth fighting for, let’s take it back.

November 2, 2014

3 Dating Habits You Should Break Now!

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Everyone has bad habits. You frequently do these habits without even realizing it. If you are on a date, these habits can certainly mess up the mood of your dating partner and ruin the night. It doesn’t matter if you like or don’t like the one you are dating, but you should stop doing these bad dating habits. Here are a few bad dating habits that you ditch now:


Not being focused on the date

When you are on date, it is important that you focus and concentrate on the occasion and to the person on the other side of the table. Give full attention to your date and grab the chance to know him or her much better. Stop looking around the room if you are anxious or nervous. Your date will get the impression that you are not enjoying it or he or she is too boring for you. Avoid answering phone calls unless it is an emergency call. Also, avoid taking your phone from your pocket just to take a picture of the meal both of you are going to have so that you can post this on your social media account. This gives the person the idea that you are not enjoying the date.


Allow your date to talk

Going on a date for the first time can be awkward. This awkward feeling will give a series of silence during the date. Due to these gaps in the date, you may tend to overdo things and talk more about yourself. Give your partner time and allow him or her to say things about them. If you do most of the talking, then your date may think that you are not interested about them and what they want to say. Ask open-ended questions that lead to good conversation. Asking questions is also good because there are people who are naturally silent and would just talk when they are asked.

After the date, it is natural for either of you to reach out to the other. When this happens, stop playing games with your date partner by not answering the person’s texts or calls. Unless you have a valid reason not to answer the call or give a return text, give some time to communicate with the person. Doing so will make your partner think that you show care and you are willing to build a serious relationship.

These are just some of the bad habits that you do without knowing it. Minimize these habits and you will be able to enjoy your date more. Dating has to be fun, and you can definitely make it enjoyable if you focus on the person and the occasion.

October 4, 2014

How to Chase Away Bloating

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Being bloated is one of the most common problems of people today. There’s just so much food out there that would make you drop your jaw or if not, get you drooling over them. As nice as the thought of eating yummy foods is like, if we ask reality how it is – it’s very uncomfortable when you get bloated because of this. It’s definitely not ideal to get yourself into this situation. Yes, you can enjoy food but it’s always something that you should watch out.


How to Pull Off a MASSIVE Bloat

Definitely, you don’t have to deprive yourself of eating as much as you can handle. Sometimes it’s just so good to reward yourself with a yummy treat especially after a day of hard work. So how do you actually chase away bloating? Are there ways that would work very well? Yes there is! And here’s the following:

Eat some fruits along with your food

Don’t worry you’re not going to get really stuffed if you do this! You have oranges as well as watermelons that will definitely help your tummy avoid bloating. As we all know, water flushes out the waste and even excess water out of your body. These two fruits are definitely loaded with as much water as your body needs to eliminate whatever is hindering your tummy from digesting properly. You can be sure that these are very safe and definitely a healthy way to do it. Just make sure you don’t eat too much. Just eat as much as your body need, not as much as you want.


Natural Relief for Menstrual Bloating

Say Hello to Your Oatmeal Again

Oatmeal is popularly known for the fiber that they contain. This fiber nutrient definitely will help your tummy in digesting properly. It’s definitely a good thing to eat when your tummy starts to harden up and you start to find it very hard to move around. You may be tempted not to eat it especially if you were just bloating yourself with something sweet but you can surely find ways to make this food appealing to you after all that.

Chili Peppers to Spice It Up With

There’s always something about chili peppers that your tummy would appreciate and that something is the active ingredient called “Capsaicin”. It helps so much in increasing your metabolism rate and even your food cravings. It also makes you not want to have more sweets which would just be helpful to also stop you from stuffing yourself up.

Getting rid of that bloating tummy is surely possible when you know what to do with it. However, just one point you need to remember: don’t let bloating happen to you as much as it used to. Just because you have solutions doesn’t mean you are free to tolerate yourself.

September 24, 2014

Make Retirement Fun and Worth the Save with These 3 Places

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Thinking of retiring? It will need careful planning. That is why today we run down on the best 3 places worth checking out for retirement. There are a lot of good reasons and advantages to retiring in foreign land. At old age, a lot of factors come in to play. Proper health care, cost of living, climatic conditions, and ease of traveling back to the U.S. – these are things to consider when choosing the best place fit for retirement.

1. Rain or shine – in Galway, Ireland, you always shine


5 Irrational Retirement Decisions

Ireland could just be your doorway to Western Europe. Ever since Ireland went down with a housing bust, the shocking drop in prices of ideal real estate has promised a future for retirees. The climate is a mix of rains and cold weather with temperatures that go from 40 to 60 degrees. The year is pretty much expected to be rainy though. Population estimate is 250, 653. Retirees are ensured of proper health care in Galway University Hospital and its local facilities, Merlin Park University Hospital and University Hospital Galway in the city.

For the best flights to the U.S. is a three and a half hour bus commute or three hours on train to Dublin. Shannon Airport is a closer alternative, that’s only two hours away. The cost of living is reasonable. At $2,500 monthly, you could live and sleep peacefully.

2. Truly Asia – George Town, Malaysia could just be your place


tirement: Plan ahead for these 5 nasty surprises

The Malaysia My Second Home Program has helped retirees settle down in Malaysia and reap various retirement incentives. Thanks to its old ties with Britain, English is spoken in George Town so you do not need to worry about language barriers.

Malaysia is truly Asia, coming behind Philippines and Thailand for the country with the lowest living cost, any couple can have the most colorful Asian retirement experience on $1,500 monthly. The weather is hot and humid with temperatures that reach 60 – 80 degrees. Just located northwest of Malaysia, living in George Town brings rain on April and October.

You get access to adequate health plans with several local clinics and hospitals around George Town. They even offer reputable dental services too. Just 10 miles south of George Town is Penang International Airport. One flight connection is needed to get to the U.S.

3. Spend your retirement in paradise that is Coronado, Panama

Just located on the Pacific coast, Coronado Panama is becoming a home to a lot of retirees, especially expats. English is widely spoken and embraces a dollar-based economy. At $1,300 monthly, retired couples can bask in sweet paradise. The hot and dry climate plus the excellent accommodation and dining, Coronado should not be missed.

The San Fernando Clinic is a well-regarded hospital and offers excellent health programs. The Tocument International Airport is an hour away to nonstop flights to and fro the U.S.

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September 1, 2014

3 Surefire Ways to Raise Money for Your Small Business

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Many times people have ideas that are excellent for business. The person who had the idea even got everything in writing that the business plan is done. The only thing lacking is the money to fund the business. If you have a really great business idea and you have had the business plan made to be able to showcase what your business idea can turn into, how much funding it needs, how many people will benefit from the emergence of the business, you are likely to be able to get your funding with pride.

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6 Sure-Fire Ways to Keep Your Small Business Financially Secure

Crowd funding with relatives and friends

Crowd funding is the pooling of resources by many people towards one goal. In effect, the needed funding can be reached without being burdened by a big amount shared by each contributor. There are internet sites that cater to this need, although, most if not all, are not for business. You can, instead, go to your relatives and friends doing the same concept. Asking them for help, showing your business plan and offering them something in the future like a token or a share in your business which earns a dividend.

Find a business partner who will take care of the finances

There are people who got the money but do not have the passion, patience and perseverance to do whatever it takes to take care of a business. Find that kind of person, show your business plan and prepare an earning scheme that will benefit him/her without hurting the business. It should be a win-win-win solution for you, your financier and the clients or customers.

Apply for a loan against your assets or employment income

It is easier to apply for a loan if you have assets like real estate, car, or jewelry. You will be given enough funding which is lower than the value of your assets so that you will get your assets back, otherwise, you will lose financially and the creditor will gain. Make sure you will be able to pay on time to avoid penalty on delayed payment or the possibility of losing your assets. If your business financial need is small enough, you can also try multipurpose loan which most employees have as a privilege. The approved loan usually depends on the number of years you have contributed, which will also be part of your pension when you retire. Paying is light and easy so better pay on time to avoid any problem in the future.


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Setting up a small business needs an idea and money to finance the idea. While some have both, many have one or the other only. If you have the idea, finding the funding source is still very possible.

August 1, 2014